Sports awards

i.e. awards for competitors for their efforts and sports achievements

Competition is inherent in our genes and we like to compete with each other. Sport is a great opportunity to test your skills, strength and endurance in various disciplines.
Thus, sports trophies are also important, as they become a symbol of success and victory over others. Custom-made awards, directly thematically related to a given discipline, will be the best memory of a specific sports event.

Original sports trophies that we will design just for you

An increasing challenge for organizers of sports events is to create a unique sports award. For many years, sports trophies awarded to competitors have been only slightly different from each other. It’s time to change that!
We want sports awards to emphasize the individual character of the player and the discipline in which they compete. Thanks to this, the appearance of such an award will be remembered and will be a great recognition for every competitor. We will design exceptional award according to your idea that you won’t find anywhere else.

Attract participants with the unique quality of medals and custom awards. Order sports trophies in one place

As a company with many years of experience in sports trophies, we know that the player is the most important in sport. For this reason, our goal is to provide sports trophies that are unique and you’ll be proud to hand them to the participants. We have expanded our machine park, so we can create for you basically any sports trophy that is technically doable. We cast in high pressure molds, cut and form metal, process wood and glass, paint, colour print on hard surfaces with a 3D effect, and print on 3D printers. Such a wide range of possibilities means that you can order from us not only catalogue trophies but also bespoke medals and tailor-made awards.

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Are you done with the catalogue trophies? Create with us amazing sports awards

Important sporting events should be properly celebrated and commemorated. School competitions or international events with the participation of world-class players give us similar amounts of emotions. In both cases, together with the athletes, we are moved, we experience their mistakes and we are happy with the victories. So let’s make sure that the special moment has a unique setting in the form of an individually created sports trophy for players. Forget about catalog statuettes that everyone can have. Create with us something original and unique in the country and Europe. Combine materials, patterns and colours, choose from the available personalization techniques and create amazing sports awards that you will hand over to the best athletes for their effort.

Share your vision with us and we will help you make it happen!


A great solution for those who have a tight budget but still need an individual trophy. By using Amber or Vision awards or by combining glass and metal with a marble base, we can create really interesting designs. All of this at a low price and within 2-5 working days from accepting the artwork! Choose the ECONOMY trophies if you are looking for inexpensive, quick-to-produce, original awards!



By combining metal, wood, glass or crystal in a variety of configurations, we are able to create impressive award designs. We provide unconventional solutions that you will not find anywhere else within about 8 working days from the artwork confirmation. Choose STANDARD trophies that combine original design and an affordable price!


A type of an award for the most demanding, looking for unique and sophisticated trophies. We have virtually unlimited possibilities that allow us to create amazing awards. We combine various types of materials. We bend metal. We apply texture prints and create spatial forms. By choosing the PRESTIGE awards, you don’t have to limit yourself!


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