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when the trophy itself is not enough

Set of awards – what are the benefits for you?

By ordering all the trophies you need in one place, you save your time and money. Forget about explaining to a few different suppliers what you need and paying for every design proof they do. Before starting the order, you will receive a design proof of the entire set of awrds, which will be performed by our talented graphic designers according to your guidelines. Thanks to this, the entire set of awards will harmonize with each other in terms of colours and graphics. In addition, you receive an individual contact person with whom you will arrange everything – from the design to the invoice for the order. We will efficiently guide you through the entire ordering process without any problems or unnecessary formalities. No matter if you need an award for sports or business events, you will always get what you need with us!

Order a set of business or sports awards in one place

The difficulty of completing a series of consistent awards is a problem faced by many organizers. Customers more and more often want to order something we could called an award package, which may include, for example, a cup, a cast medal and a custom made trophy. Very few of the trophy suppliers can meet this challenge and fully accomplish the preparation of such a set of awards without outsourcing it. Outsourcing usually means longer lead time and higher cost of the order. And by our own production we have found a solution to these two problems

At Tryumf, thanks to our experience, huge production capacity and great team of people, we are able to perform even the most complex and demanding orders, without the participation of subcontractors. We do everything ourselves in the largest machine park in the industry. The machinery park in Stalowa Wola, located on several thousand square meters, is equipped with, among others:

  • our own glass production,
  • a modern foundry, where we precisely cast medals and trophies in steel forms,
  • machines for CNC machining, metal forming, woodworking and 3D printers,
  • lasers for cutting and engraving metal, wood, plexiglass and glass,
  • printers for personalization with UV printing with a 3D effect,
  • machines for sewing and personalizing ribbons.

So we will not have any problems with completing even the most complex orders. By ordering trophy sets in one place, you save your valuable time. You can be sure that the entire order will be produced on time and in accordance with your idea. In addition, the awards received will be consistent with each other graphically and in terms of their colours.

Need some help deciding what award to get?

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Are you done with the catalogue awards? Create with us amazing set of awards

The organizers of sports or business events often do not limit themselves when it comes to the awards they receive. At the same event, both cups, medals, diplomas and statuettes can be presented. So let’s make sure that all these awards have a common theme for a better effect. Thanks to the modern machinery park, we can make practically any possible project for you. You can combine a trophy in an individual form, a cast medal or a product from the catalog, which are available in large quantities.
Create with us something original and unique. Combine materials, patterns, colors and types of trophies. Choose from the available personalization techniques and create amazing prize packages to give at your event.

Share your vision with us and we will help you make it happen!



A type of an award for the most demanding, looking for unique and sophisticated trophies. We have virtually unlimited possibilities that allow us to create amazing awards. We combine various types of materials. We bend metal. We apply texture prints and create spatial forms. By choosing the PRESTIGE awards, you don’t have to limit yourself!


By combining metal, wood, glass or crystal in a variety of configurations, we are able to create impressive award designs. We provide unconventional solutions that you will not find anywhere else within about 8 working days from the artwork confirmation. Choose STANDARD trophies that combine original design and an affordable price!



A great solution for those who have a tight budget but still need an individual trophy. By using Amber or Vision awards or by combining glass and metal with a marble base, we can create really interesting designs. All of this at a low price and within 2-5 working days from accepting the artwork! Choose the ECONOMY trophies if you are looking for inexpensive, quick-to-produce, original awards!

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