Business awards

i.e. prestigious recognition for your associates

A large or a small company is always made up of people. Their daily work and involvement in the life of the enterprise should be adequately rewarded financially as well as in another particularly motivating way. Business awards handed by companies that attach particular importance to relations with their employees and with the cooperating companies are a special form of distinction and motivation for further action. A small gesture in the form of a custom award that we can make for you will improve your relationship both with employees and with the external companies you work with.

Business awards for employees, companies and contractors. Express your gratitude

Entrepreneurship, perseverance and the pursuit of achiving set goals – these values are highly valued by employers, but rarely appreciated. Therefore, it is worth changing it and starting to distinguish employees and contractors whose involvement is particularly visible. We believe it’s a good idea to hand in even small business awards to show your appreciation. Individually created business awards with personal inscription will do a great job in this case. In our modern technology park in Stalowa Wola, we will create for you virtually any design of an award that is physically possible to be produced. Thanks to them, you will finally properly appreciate and distinguish your employees as well as companies and contractors whom you cooperate with.

Increase the loyalty and motivation of employees and contractors. Give personalized business awards.

We are an experienced company that has been operating on the Polish and European markets for many years. We perfectly understand the needs of our clients and know their biggest problems they struggle with. Clients more and more often need an original and unique business award, the price of which is of secondary importance. In that way they want an individually created business award to become a unique distinction for an employee or contractor. By creating such an award in close cooperation with the client, we try to perfectly reflect the image of the award the client have in their mind, its colours and the most important values ​​of the client’s company.
In the production of business awards, we focus primarily on high quality and full satisfaction with the final product obtained. Thanks to our many years of experience and modern solutions that we use, you can be sure that the jointly designed business awards will meet your expectations in 100%

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Are you done with the catalogue awards? Create with us amazing corporate trophies

Important and unique business opportunities should be properly celebrated and commemorated. Opulent galas or ordinary meetings in a conference room with employees are just as important. In both cases, it is about celebrating successes together. Therefore, it is worth ensuring that a special occasion has a unique setting in the form of an individually created award. Forget about catalogue trophies that anyone can have. Create with us something original and unique. Combine materials, patterns and colours, choose from the available personalization techniques. Create amazing business awards that evryone will remeber.

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A type of an award for the most demanding, looking for unique and sophisticated trophies. We have virtually unlimited possibilities that allow us to create amazing awards. We combine various types of materials. We bend metal. We apply texture prints and create spatial forms. By choosing the PRESTIGE awards, you don’t have to limit yourself!


By combining metal, wood, glass or crystal in a variety of configurations, we are able to create impressive award designs. We provide unconventional solutions that you will not find anywhere else within about 8 working days from the artwork confirmation. Choose STANDARD trophies that combine original design and an affordable price!



A great solution for those who have a tight budget but still need an individual trophy. By using Amber or Vision awards or by combining glass and metal with a marble base, we can create really interesting designs. All of this at a low price and within 2-5 working days from accepting the artwork! Choose the ECONOMY trophies if you are looking for inexpensive, quick-to-produce, original awards!

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